Life - a privilege & an adventure.

Life is both a privilege and an adventure. Our primary task is to live a satisfying and rewarding life. The experience of being alive is all we can ever truly lay claim to. The shocking brevity, uncertainty, and transience of the human experience is a fierce truth from which there is no retreat. In the end, the past and future will thrust themselves into the space of the present moment – and then we vanish.

The idea of a “frontier” serves to imbue the feeling of our presence here with a sense of adventure into mysterious realms. In this sense, our experiences in life are frontiers of discovery, personal growth, and revelation.

The word “liminal” is derived from the Latin “limen” meaning “threshold.” Liminality describes the condition of standing on a threshold to a new reality as well as a transitional period between what was and what now must be. Liminal periods in our life are periods of profound change, transition,and even transformation in our sense of identity, purpose, and meaning in life.

A “liminal frontier“ is a strange and unfamiliar borderland that is permeated and infused with a sense of risk, uncertainty, fragility, vulnerability, and transformation. Each one of us is required to journey through our own liminal frontiers in life that change us in a deep and lasting way. These liminal frontiers of our life present themselves as points of no return, periods of raw change, moments of overwhelming confusion, and phases of relentless uncertainty.


Brian Alger is a writer exploring the liminal frontiers of aging, creativity, inner life, lifework, and well-being.